About Jo Horton

My name is Jo and I’m a portrait photographer, based in Arlington, Texas. My interest in photography began in high school, where I snapped pictures of classmates, friends, and student groups for the upcoming yearbook. This gave credence to my future career in photography which awaited me. I believe that photography is an art of the mind and soul. I believe photography
captures the essence of what we are thinking and feeling. The beauty, energy, and life of people has always captivated me through the lens of a camera. I strive to create this in each of my images and value the time and effort of my clients both personal and commercial.

In my personal life, I cherish moments. I cherish memories, I cherish experience. I want to always create and experience that my clients will find memorable in a positive way. I enjoy helping others bring out the best of themselves on print, and also dedicated to making all about (You) the client. JH Portrait Designs offer an array of Portrait settings; Family, Maternity, Newborn, etc. ….Our mission is to bring complete satisfaction to those we serve. We look forward to serving you. Schedule your appointment today!

JH Portrait Designs (817) 657-9644 | portraitdesignsbyjo@gmail.com